Commercial Roofing Evanston

Commercial Roofing Evanston

It may seem like commercial and residential buildings all have the same kind of roofing. However, commercial roofers in Evanston Illinois know there is a vast difference in their designs, cost, and sometimes, the quality. Nevertheless, both roofing types use high-quality materials and probably follow the same installation or repair formula. Therefore, it is essential to know all the comparative points of residential and commercial roofs to understand what to expect in each one.

A detailed comparison of residential and commercial roofs


Primarily, either roof aims to protect the building structure from outside elements like the weather. It is also essential to have an attractive roof that gives the entire property better curb appeal and increases value in the end.

However, commercial roofs tend to be less aesthetic than residential roofs because the buildings rarely change hands; hence they can maintain the same look for longer. Additionally, commercial roofs tend to be out of sight and need little to no consideration of patterns and colors. Nevertheless, you can use the best roofers in Evanston to find the roofing style most suitable for your building and brand.


Most commercial roofs cover a larger space and are strong enough to resist ancillary weights and corrosive elements like gas. These roofs should be able to withstand the weight of systems running through them, such as pipes. The most common style of commercial roofs that can withstand this weight is flat in design. The commercial roofing in Evanston is flexible for all kinds of buildings and businesses, with all the different patterns, colors, and materials.


Commercial and residential roofing materials vary according to the cost, weather, and roofing design. The most common residential buildings are asphalt shingle, while most commercial buildings use tougher alternatives like metal. Residential roofing usually has lighter and more colorful materials, including wooden shingles, ceramic, and tile. In addition, these residential options tend to be easier to install and have fewer layers.

Commercial roofing has more layers and insulation, with more reflecting and a protective coating. The exact number of layers always depends on the type of the commercial property and the dominant weather condition.


Residential roofs have a slightly different structure than commercial roofs, with unique features like chimneys. The commercial roofing also has additional obstructions, including piping, cooling, and heating features, as well as smokestacks. The right Evanston IL commercial roofers make sure to install each roofing style while keeping all accessories intact. JNJ Restoration considers all kinds of fixtures and has the electrical and mechanical know-how to support excellent functionality.


Residential and commercial roofs have different maintenance needs. The commercial roof needs regular inspections and preventative repairs, while residential ones can go on for a decade without prompting an inspection. Chicagoland commercial roofing contractors do not advise either of those building owners to inspect their roof because it is easy to miss subtle signs of damage or risk an accident.

Both residential and commercial roofing projects have complex installations, repairs, and maintenance strategies. Get our team to handle all the details of the roof in an efficient and timely manner. Call our commercial roofing contractors (312-804-1336) near me for information and get a free quote online.


Commercial Roofing Evanston

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