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Roof Cleaning Long Island

Roof Cleaning Long Island

Ogilvie Roof Cleaning is a highly sought-after provider of roof cleaning in Long Island. We possess over 30 years of experience in roof cleaning and guarantee 100% satisfaction to our clients with our services.

Is it important to clean the roof often?

Roof cleaning is an important part of your home maintenance that helps extend the life of your roof. The age, condition of your roof, the weather condition in your area, type of roof, etc., determines as to how often your roof needs cleaning. If you have several trees around your house or if your roof recently sustained some kind of damage due to extreme weather, you may need to hire a roof cleaning service provider immediately.

Concrete tiles can take a longer time to dry and can require frequent cleanings. If you have relatively new tiles on your roof, you should get your first cleaning at about the five-year mark. Asphalt composite shingles dry faster and require cleaning once every 6-7 years. However, if you spot unsightly dark splotches or black streaks on your roof, it warns the presence of microorganisms like algae, lichen, or moss. In such situations, you need to resort to professional roof cleaning services to prevent massive damage, wood rot, and to stop the breeding of microorganisms in your roofing system.

Can stains cause damage to my roof?

Stains on the roof occur due to the growth of algae, fungus, and moss on your shingles. These can deteriorate the health of your shingles, and can eventually lead to wood rot.

This can lead to expensive repairs and can shorten the lifespan of your roof. Getting professional roof cleaning in Long Island can improve your home's curb appeal and avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Top reasons to consider professional roof cleaning

While most people try to put off roof cleaning for a later period to avoid costs, it is not something that you can take lightly. Here are some good reasons to consider professional roof cleaning services:

1) If your roof has black streaks or unsightly dark splotches, it could be because of the growth of organisms like algae, lichens, and moss. These organisms feed off organic material in your asphalt shingles and cause irreversible damage to your roof. Only a skilled and experienced roof cleaning service provider can remove the algae without causing damage to your shingles.

2) Professional cleaning services are crucial to prevent wood rot in your roof. Organisms like algae, moss, and lichen not only feed off your shingles but can penetrate your roof deck and cause moisture issues and cracks. 

3) Moss, lichen, algae, and mold affect a roof's ability to reflect sunlight effectively and can absorb heat. An increase in heat in the attic can increase your cooling costs and utility bills.

Ogilvie Roof Cleaning is a family operated business with top of the line equipment, cleaning products, and unsurpassed workmanship. For roof cleaning in Long Island, call 5163057236 or visit to get your free estimate.

Roof Cleaning Long Island
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