Roof Replacement Mobile AL

Roof Replacement Mobile AL

In time, every homeowner will have to face the fact that their older roofing system will need to be replaced. When that time arrives, you’ll want an honest and reputable roofer providing your roof replacement in Mobile, AL. Until such time, cost-effective roof repairs and upgrades can prevent an untimely roof replacement. Get in touch with our pros from Cajun Best Roofing to request a roof inspection to determine the condition of your roof. If it is time to start saving for a new roof, you’ll have peace of mind that the best roofers in your area are working on your home.

3 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Roof

1. Contact roofing contractors when you see visible signs of age or damage to your roof, such as dark spots, tar streaking, or algae growth- there still may be something that can be done to avoid a roof replacement in the near future. Staining is one of the first signs that your roof needs attention- make sure you hire roofing professionals within a few weeks of noticing dark or damaged shingles.

With a timely roofing repair and maintenance throughout the years, you can avoid an early roof replacement in Mobile, AL. Let our team from Cajun Best Roofing keep an eye on your roof as it ages and offer our expert recommendations when repairs are needed.

2. A new roof installation is likely if you notice severe moisture and mold in your attic. Roof rot occurs quickly and can cause rusty nails and damaged roofing materials. If you’ve recently looked in your attic and found moisture and mold, reach out to Cajun Best Roofing for a thorough inspection- don’t wait; call us today.

Some roof companies will advise homeowners to replace their roof after a certain length of time; that’s not how we do things at Cajun Best Roofing. We prefer keeping a close eye on the condition of your roof, making small repairs when needed, and only replacing your roof when it’s time.

3. Have you noticed your energy bills creeping up during extreme temperature months. If summer and winter electric bills are rising for no apparent reason, it could be due to a faulty roof. Get matters under control by contacting our roofers to determine whether you need a roof replacement in Mobile, AL. Not all calls result in the need for a new roof; however, it’s best to be cautious and have your roof inspected.

Additional warning signs of an impending roof replacement include ice dams in the winter, unusually high temperatures in your attic, daylight showing through roof boards, and curled or buckled shingles.

Don’t wait for visible signs that your roof is in distress; bi-annual roof inspections can ensure you have ample time to prepare for a roof replacement. With occasional repairs, it’s not uncommon for a roof to outlast its warranty, so it pays to call in a roofer from time to time. Rely on professionaol roofers from Cajun Best Roofing to keep your home and family protected- call us today for a quote.

Roof Replacement Mobile AL
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Roof Replacement Mobile AL
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